Thursday, 14 March 2013

JellyBaby (Glasgow Event/Club Night)

The Glasgow Experience - JellyBaby - Event Night Glasgow
Jellybaby is one of the most popular student ‘nights’ in Glasgow! Presented to you at the O2 ABC (Sauchiehall St) every THURSDAY night from 11pm-3am, it is a great night with a packed out ‘up for it’ crowd. The night is spread across 3 rooms (Main Hall, Ice Bar and the Indie Room as it gets called). Overall the club plays a variety of indie, electro and rock, chart, pop and dance! Main hall plays all with a focus on classics and charts, it has a huge dance floor and stage and an area at the side for beanbags, YES BEANBAGS! The bars are big with plenty of staff working flat out, which on a Jellybaby night, is NEEDED! £1 vodka mixes usually keeps you sorted for the night! Obviously there are Gaymers cider for £1 as well, and jelly shots of course!

The Glasgow Experience - JellyBaby - Event Night Glasgow
O2 ABC Main Hall
Jellybaby is a busy and cheap night out, up there with any ‘Saturday’ night feeling on the town! Get in have a great night, and be ‘merry’ for less than £40!? It’s a no-brainer!!!

As we mentioned before, it’s generally a student goer so you can meet like-minded people, up for a good party! Resident DJ’s keep you going with some nice mixes and chart toppers, so you’ll be bound to find yourself belting out the words to your favourite songs, EVEN if you don’t normally! It’s that kind of feel good place!

Never been? “I have uni on Friday’s”….PLEASE! Spare the excuses and get down to Jellybaby on a Thursday night people! Make that Friday lecture a little more memorable, for the wrong (but right) reasons!!!

The Glasgow Experience - JellyBaby - Event Night Glasgow
Always packed!
Theres even an in-house photographer to snap pics of you and your mates while your there! All photos on the night can be seen through J-Baby's facebook

There’s even a special J-baby night this Sunday for St.Paddys day (17th March 2013)! Night sorted!?

To book guestlist/tickets, check them out here

JellyBaby Glasgow at the O2 ABC Thursday nights!

Glasgow E-Rating 8/10

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