Saturday, 30 March 2013

Beer Gardens Glasgow (FEATURED ARTICLE)

We are still waiting for spring to begin and maybe even see some summer this year and I know many of us don’t think it will happen but all we can do is hope and keep our fingers crossed!

But the great thing is, when the weather gets better and all the snow disappears it means that all the beer gardens will be ready for use!

On a summers day (we all know there aren’t many) everybody gets their shorts and sunglasses out and head to their nearest beer garden!

If you’ve never been to a beer garden your probably thinking what’s so good about it, well let’s just see;
1.      To start off it’s a time when you can sit outside, chill and watch the sun shine on you.
2.      A summers days will encourage all your friends to come out and enjoy the sunshine (even the ones that always come up with the excuses will find it hard to say no).

3.      When the sun is shining it is always deemed acceptable to start drinking in the afternoon just to absorb those extra few rays of sun and increase your vitamin D.
4.      You can absorb the great atmosphere around you, we know when the sun is shining it might not exactly be hitting the 30 degrees that we all wish for but the patio heaters that most beer gardens have will help you feel and think it is.

5.      And naturally on a sunny day everybody is happy because the sun is finally out, and so everyone just seems to be loving life that little bit more and have a few more beers than normal!
After discussing all the good things about beer gardens all we need to do is sit and wait for that one day of sunshine that we get in Scotland ( you know we are only kidding, we do get a few more than one).

Now if you are in Glasgow on that rare sunny day we would advise that you give these bars a try; Babbity Bowster’s in merchant city or if you are in the west end then give Brel or Jinty Mcginty’s a try which are both in Ashton Lane.

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Ketchup (Glasgow Restaurant)

So if you are a great fan of burgers then Ketchup on Ashton lane (West End of Glasgow) is the place for you to be! It offers a variety of great burgers; in fact it is the great same ones that you have tasted in hummingbird in Glasgow city centre

If you are a student then It is ideal for students as ketchup offer 2for 1 burgers with your student card from Monday- Thursday.

Now you are probably thinking that burgers are unhealthy but Ketchup burgers are fresh and health and have no colourants, additives or artificial flavouring, so really they are perfect for you to try!

If you love burgers and haven’t been to ketchup before, then this is one to try! And you can get some lush chicken strips as a side whilst you’re waiting. They even have a few suggestions in the mains sections if you don’t fancy a burger.
They also have their own ‘ketchup sauce’ which you can use on your burgers and if you love it you can even buy a bottle from them to take home and use.
Ketchup on Ashton lane is very chilled out and relaxing and is just great for a bite to eat, once you’ve tried it once, you’ll just keep on going back!
Check it out more; 
GlasgowE-rating 8/10

Home (Glasgow Bar)

Bar Home is one of Glasgow’s greatest bars for students, it is located in Albion street in Merchant City, it is always busy and full of people who are having a great night out. They have got some booths and chairs in there so to get a seat, get in there early or book a booth before you go!

They have a variety of different food and drink offers and they also have a fantastic cocktail menu. Sometimes it is good to line your stomach so having some food before hitting the ridiculous amounts of vodka and shots that we all seem to consume on a night out.

so if it is food that you are looking for then fear not because they have some great deals throughout the week; you can get 2 main meals for £6.45 every day of the week and 2 for 1 on all desserts. You can’t ask much more for good value for money right?

You still get a great experience from bar home even no all there drinks are exceptionally cheap! This is where I would recommend that you start your night off as it has a great ambience, and the staff are fun and friendly. It is definitely one of the top bars to pre-drink in before you hit a nightclub!

Check it out more at:

Glasgow E-rating 7/10

Friday, 29 March 2013

A Typical Students Night Out in Glasgow (FEATURED ARTICLE)

So everybody always goes out and has a ’few drinks’, traditionally you would go out on a Friday or Saturday night, but now every weekday is just as good as the weekend, most bars and clubs have got a least one promotional night midweek and then the weekend is just guaranteed to be a great night where ever you end up but the question is


So most people (especially if you are a student) pre-drink before they go out, because they are living a typical students life, they can adapt their ways and some people can go out and have a great night on £20, on the other hand there are some people who go out and after they have a few drinks they think they are made of money and begin offering everybody a drink..(And of course it’s rude to decline the generous offer). They obviously wake up in the morning trying to piece together the bits of the night that they can remember and regret spending so much money.

But let’s face it who would have it any other way …if you go out and enjoy yourself does it really matter that your ‘wasting your money’ on drink, definitely not!

Students seem to be living with the ‘YOLO’ approach (you only live once). So they will go out and have fun, and it doesn’t matter that they are getting in a 4 o’clock in the morning and have a 9am lecture, sometimes they make it, sometimes they don’t (you can spot them a mile away walking into the lecture with their hair scraped back and most likely their false eyelashes still on from the night before) .It could be worse than a lecture they could be working the next day where they have to act professional in front of management but in the back  of their head all they are thinking about is all the funny things they can remember or the thought that when their shift finishes the first thing that they will do is crawl back into bed!

So back to the question asked earlier, is all the drinking really worth it?  …of course it is, a student’s life wouldn’t be the same without it!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Vodka Wodka (Bar Glasgow)

Vodka Wodka is located in the west end of Glasgow on the beautiful Ashton lane. As you can tell by the name, this is a vodka bar with over 70 speciality different vodkas from all around the world! So brilliant if you fancy something a wee bit different!
This place is aimed for students usually during the week, however when the weekend hits it's somewhere for everyone. And don't worry if you don't like vodka! Vodka wodka also have a delicious range of cocktails. You can also enjoy great food here! An Italian menu is served between 12-7pm so even better for the wee hour lunch or between lectures.

During the summer this is the place to be as it has a conservatory which is great chilling out with friends over some nice vodkas! This place is brilliant for a night out especially in the heart of the west end ... for any other enquires head over to their website
And remember guys....


Monday, 25 March 2013

Bouncer Bounce Backs (Featured Article, Glasgow)

Bouncer Bounce Backs
A quick guide on how to avoid the dreaded knock back from Glasgow's bouncers, the DO's and DO NOT's

The Glasgow Experience - Bouncer Bounce Backs (Featured Article)
Have you ever been knocked back from a club or bar on a night out? We know we have at the Glasgow Experience team! This is a smart article to write sober, because we all know how we feel about a KB (Knock Back) when we are out, and generally steaming. What we don't advise is arguing back with a bouncer, EVER!

What we all should consider is the role and job these guys do, they have to deal with our drunken antics all night, EVERY WEEK! Think of the abuse and torment they get on a Friday night. They get what they give out you say? Well we've seen a lot of troublemakers start off for no reason, so its not always the bouncers fault!

Now, moving away from being the bouncers best pals, we're here to try and help you out!We have been reviewing and covering a lot of Glasgow's top venues for a great night, we don't want a bouncer ruining that for you, so here are a few fun tips that should get you through the door!

1. Don't let the drunk ones talk! Hopefully somebody in your group/party can string a sentence together, bouncers don't like you slurring your please's and thank you's!

2. Get a clear plan/story: Where have you been tonight? Make sure everyone knows where they've been for pre-drinks, everyone should have the SAME answer!

3. Group of Lads? Bouncers love to send a group of guys away, club rules and all that! So, politely, and we repeat politely! introduce yourselves and mingle with a nice group of girls in the queue and split yourselves up, no more than 2 guys to a girl, this is almost a dead cert for entry!

4. Know your age and Date of Birth! A fairly obvious thing to know, but not thinking about it on your way to town can end up disasterous. A bouncer asks you whats your Date of Birth and you hesitate to answer, then your heading for the showers early!

5. Don't argue! If a bouncer says no, say "alright," and move on, try next week, if you argue and fight, they'll remember you and you will never get in! This one is from personal experience, and now looking back, is absolutely hilarious! The bouncer goes, "How many of there are you?", to which the drunk one (See Rule/Tip 1!) goes to reply but then proceeds to turn and count the people in the party, "1, 2, 3....ermmm....4....4 of us mate!," Let's just say, we didn't see the inside of that club that night!

6. This one is from personal experience, and now looking back, is absolutely hilarious! The bouncer goes, "How many of there are you?", to which the drunk one (See Rule/Tip 1!) goes to reply but then proceeds to turn and count the people in the party, "1, 2, 3....ermmm....4....4 of us mate!," Let's just say, we didn't see the inside of that club that night! DON'T DO THIS :)

7. The last one, and most important. SMILE!

These are quick tips that everyone knows from personal experiences!

Thank you for reading the article, we thought it was time to do one instead of constant reviews and recommendations!

Any other tips? Let us know, you can get us on twitter @TheGlasgowExper or on facebook

Have fun, and don't panic about the feared knock back! (KB)

The Glasgow Experience

The Glasgow Experience - Boucer Bounce Backs (Featured Article)

The Glasgow Experience - Boucer Bounce Backs (Featured Article)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Arta (Bar/Restaurant/Nightclub Glasgow)

The Glasgow Experience - Arta ( Bar/Restaurant/Nightclub Glasgow)
Arta bar/restaurant is located in Glasgow’s City Centre. The bar is in Glasgow’s Merchant City so is easy to get to !
Arta is a  Mediterranean themed bar/restaurant which also has an indoor courtyard
The bar/restaurant is beautiful , absolutely stunning. The decor of this bar is outstanding it is a must see .... here are just some pictures of Arta inside ......
The Glasgow Experience - Arta ( Bar/Restaurant/Nightclub Glasgow)
The bar is available for bookings for weddings and functions , so if you’re planning a classy night out with friends Arta should be on the cards!!!
The bar also serves up delicious food ranging from tapas with a sangria it has endless choices on their menu
Arta also host cocktail master classes and other special nights ( for more info on what they have on check out their website)
Staff are very welcoming and the bar has a great atmosphere !!!
For more information check and a booking check out their website:
Glasgow E-rating 9/10

Crystal Palace (Bar/Restaurant Glasgow)

The Glasgow Experience (Crystal Palace bar/restaurant Glasgow)

Crystal Palace bar is located in Glasgow’s Jamaica Street ,in the heart of Glasgow’s City Centre. The Crystal Palace is part of the  J D Weatherspoons Group so it good value for money
The bar is open 7 days a week and serves food daily !
This Glasgow Bar offers food and drink at great prices !
The food that is served up has delicious and some meals very basic ie fish and chips but is delicious at brilliant prices ! The bar has promotions on their food which means it is affordable for even those on a budget.... deals like 2 meals for £7.79 it’s a bargain !!!!
The Crystal Palace Glasgow has two floors so it is a spacious bar great for meeting up for lunch with friends or for pre club bar.
With Sky sports and ESPN on the TV’s this bar is an ideal venue for any sports lover who wants to a have a pint and food while watching your favourite sport in this relaxing bar.
For more information check out their website :
Glasgow E-rating- 7/10

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Waxy O’Connor’s (Glasgow Bar/ Restaurant)

The Glasgow Experience - Waxy O'Connors - Irish Bar Glasgow

It wasn’t until recently when I went to waxy O’Connor’s on George Street that I realised how amazing it truly is.

It has got 3 floors and 6 bars so you can imagine you would get lost but the great thing is that there will always be a place for you to sit. It is styled to be ‘traditionally Irish’ with their décor and overall atmosphere.
The Glasgow Experience - Waxy O'Connors - Irish Bar Glasgow

When we were looking for our table that we had reserved we saw that there was some live music and also there were rooms that had been hired out for private functions.
The Glasgow Experience - Waxy O'Connors - Irish Bar Glasgow

When we got our table, the service was great, and even though it was busy we were seated away from the noise so it meant that we could hear each other talk and have a great conversation. We also were able to use our ‘taste card’ which entitled us money off our already cheap food bill. They serve food until 8.45 every day and also include breakfast on a Saturday and Sunday. So you can even get some good quality food if you are looking for a late dinner.

People were mostly people there for a drink after work and it was a very chilled out, relaxing atmosphere. Nobody was too under/overdressed. Waxy’s also have multiple big screens throughout the bars and so they show all major sporting events.  It is also a great place to go if you’re going for a quick pint before you are catching the train home as it is right next to Glasgow Queen Street station.

Glasgow E-rating 7/10

Café Anduluz (Glasgow Restaurant)

The Glasgow Experience - Cafe Anduluz - Glasgow Tapaz Restaurant
Café Anduluz is a Great tapaz restaurant, located right in the heart of Glasgow at ST Vincent Place. It is great for family meals out and especially for those who want to try a little bit of everything.

Each portion is quite big so you can be assured to be full after your meal and speaking from experience, there is something for everyone even the fussiest of eaters. But you will definitely benefit more from the experience if you are a little adventurous.

After you have been a few times  and have  tried a few different dishes you  will certainly have found your favourite dish and the great thing is you never need to wait long for your food, as it is served  promptly every time!
The Glasgow Experience - Cafe Anduluz - Glasgow Tapaz Restaurant

Café Anduluz in Glasgow have  got Great friendly staff that will help you out with what kind of dish would suit you best and also provide you with the greatest service that you can ask for.

The Glasgow Experience - Cafe Anduluz - Glasgow Tapaz Restaurant

And not only do they serve great food but they also have some great cocktails!

Check it out here for more;

Glasgow E-rating 9/10

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The World Buffet(Restaurant Glasgow)

The Glasgow Experience (Restaurant, Buffet)
The world buffet Restaurant Glasgow
World Buffet has various locations in Glasgow ranging from Glasgow’s City Centre to Darnley also in Glasgow. The buffet is unlimited food which is a great deal as you only pay one price and you can eat as much as you want !!
The Glasgow buffet offers a range of dishes that you can choose from , there is Asian Fusion, Chinese ,Indian/Pakistani ,Italian ,Japanese ,Mexican and Thai.  Means that you can get a tastes of all different cuisines under the one roof !!! Means that you can go to this Glasgow Restaurant and taste foods from all around the world
Sweets and desserts are included in the buffet price which is such a good deal , one of the best parts of the sweets selection is the marshmallows and melted chocolate with sticks !!
Staff provide an outstanding service from when you walk in the door with a welcoming greeting!!!
This restaurant is an ideal venue for families as well with a kids section so is child friendly and there will be something that the kids like !
The restaurant is beautiful inside , lovely decor and relaxing for those special occasions!!
Here is an idea of the prices –
Lunch: Mon- Fri: £6.99, Sat: £7.99

Evening: Mon - Thu: £10.99, Fri-Sat: £13.99,

Sunday All day: £10.99
For a booking and more information check out their website
Glasgow-E rating-9/10

Vodka Revolution (Glasgow Bar)

The Glasgow Experience - Vodka Revolution (Glasgow Bar)

One of the best bars to meet before a night out in Glasgow is Vodka Revolution. Located on Renfeild Street, this bar is located near all the big and best night clubs that Glasgow has to offer. Not only is the location good but the mix of cocktails and drinks are amazing!

The Glasgow Experience - Vodka Revolution (Glasgow Bar)

One thing that vodka revoultion do reguarly is provide specials. The most recent one is saintly or sinful cocktails. Saintly is ones for the people who are watching what they eat but still got that kick and sinful is for those who are splashing out and going for the full thing! Take a look at the list they have on offer on their website:

Vodka revoultion also has a food menu which is on everyday! They have everything from small plates for a quick bite to sharing platters you and friends can dive into! They also do "Mega Mondays" which is 50% off all food! Brilliant for that hour lunch in work or uni.

The Glasgow Experience - Vodka Revolution (Glasgow Bar)

You can also book a private party which is great for all occasions. You can choose your own food and cocktails too!


Ming's Oriental (Glasgow Restaurant)

The Glasgow Experience - Ming's Oriental - Princes Square Glasgow

Ming’s Oriental Restaurant, Buchanan Street, Prices Square, Glasgow.
The Glasgow Experience - Ming's Oriental - Princes Square Glasgow
 This is a great Chinese restaurant in Glasgow which also offers Japanese and Thai dishes, situated in the classic princes square setup in the heart of the city centre. Ming’s Glasgow has become renound for the variety of dishes they offer. The food is great, fresh and tasty, I always go for a chow mein which to be honest, is always a delight to the stomach after a long morning. The chow mein is light and fresh with a good portion size, great value for what I paid!
The pre-theatre/lunch menu is great value for what you get! Especially after a long morning on your feet shopping or after a busy office day!
Monday-Sunday (11am til 4.30pm) : £8.90

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

Cantonese Spring Rolls

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Ham and Prawn Rolls

Curry Parcel

Sesame Prawn Toast

Spicy Chicken Wings

Barbecue Spare Ribs

Japanese Sushi

Main Course
Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce
King Prawn* or Roasted Duck* or Chicken or Beef

Satay Sauce
King Prawn* or Roasted Duck* or Chicken or Beef or Roasted Pork
Combination* (Mixed Meat)

Ginger and Spring Onion Dishes
King Prawn* or Chicken or Beef
Combination* (Mixed Meat)

Hot and Spicy
King Prawn* or Chicken or Beef or Roasted Duck

Shredded Crispy Dishes
Chicken or Beef

Peking Sauce
King Prawn* or Chicken

Again, it is in princes square, you get a really amazing view of buchanan street and trhe hustle of the daytime traffic, which is a nice view while you sit having a relaxing dining experience at Ming’s.
The Glasgow Experience - Ming's Oriental - Princes Square Glasgow
Princes Square

The staff are great, service with a smile! The food service is quick but not rushed, and the staff always accommodate the fussy eaters in the group, ME! No veg in my chow mein I’m afraid, and to be fair, I’ve never had a problem!
Kutos to Ming’s Oriental Restaurant in Glasgow, amazing food, service and value!!! Great stuff.
Glasgow E-rating 9/10

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Gala Casino (Glasgow Casino)

The Glasgow Experience - Gala Casino, Merchant City - CASINO

Gala Casino, Glassford Street, Merchant City, Glasgow.
The Glasgow Experience - Gala Casino, Merchant City - CASINO

We thought we would try something a little bit different to our usual restaurant/club reviews, so we said what the heck, CASINO! Gala Casinos are just one of the few casino groups to populate Glasgow, but they have 3 casinos under their wing in Glasgow! One at the riverboat down by Glasgow Central station, Princes, Sauchiehall street and the other in the Merchant city, the one we focus on today.

“I’ve never been in a casino before,” well don’t panic, the casino is relaxed and not how you ma have pictured. The entrance is smart and professional like, as you would expect with a casino, but the staff are friendly and know what they are doing, I mean, try watching all the chips on a roulette board and having to calculate and remember how much chips a customer has to get! Scary!
The Glasgow Experience - Gala Casino, Merchant City - CASINO

The casino has a large bar downstairs where the main action takes place (the roulette, blackjack tables etc), there is even a specified Poker ROOM, out of the way from the busy loud tables. With buy-ins of around £100 per table, you can enjoy a game of poker for a reasonable price (for a poker game at a casino that is!). The drinks can be as generic or creative as you like, with bottled ciders and beer, up to fancy cocktails and drinks prepared by the bar tenders.
(Restaurant, Merchant Grill)
The casino believe it or not, is not just about gambling! You can even grab some grub from the restaurant area (Merhchant grill), great food at a surprisingly cheap price! Massive monitors allow you to watch sports such as the UFC, with the casino open late, you can sit back and watch the fight with your mates!
There is even a dance floor area upstairs!

Obviously we are recommending you try this place out, but bet responsibly and drink responsibly when there! Treat it as a casual night with some friends having good fun, we wouldn’t suggest going crazy and slapping your car keys on the table as your stake!

But, in all seriousness, try it out, don’t be put off by the ‘fear of the casino’ or any stigma and stereotypes you hear about the place!

Want to know more? Check out Gala Casino website:

Glasgow E-Rating 8/10

The Glasgow Experience