Saturday, 30 March 2013

Beer Gardens Glasgow (FEATURED ARTICLE)

We are still waiting for spring to begin and maybe even see some summer this year and I know many of us don’t think it will happen but all we can do is hope and keep our fingers crossed!

But the great thing is, when the weather gets better and all the snow disappears it means that all the beer gardens will be ready for use!

On a summers day (we all know there aren’t many) everybody gets their shorts and sunglasses out and head to their nearest beer garden!

If you’ve never been to a beer garden your probably thinking what’s so good about it, well let’s just see;
1.      To start off it’s a time when you can sit outside, chill and watch the sun shine on you.
2.      A summers days will encourage all your friends to come out and enjoy the sunshine (even the ones that always come up with the excuses will find it hard to say no).

3.      When the sun is shining it is always deemed acceptable to start drinking in the afternoon just to absorb those extra few rays of sun and increase your vitamin D.
4.      You can absorb the great atmosphere around you, we know when the sun is shining it might not exactly be hitting the 30 degrees that we all wish for but the patio heaters that most beer gardens have will help you feel and think it is.

5.      And naturally on a sunny day everybody is happy because the sun is finally out, and so everyone just seems to be loving life that little bit more and have a few more beers than normal!
After discussing all the good things about beer gardens all we need to do is sit and wait for that one day of sunshine that we get in Scotland ( you know we are only kidding, we do get a few more than one).

Now if you are in Glasgow on that rare sunny day we would advise that you give these bars a try; Babbity Bowster’s in merchant city or if you are in the west end then give Brel or Jinty Mcginty’s a try which are both in Ashton Lane.

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