Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Panda Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

The Panda Chinese Cuisine is a all you can eat buffet located in Glasgow’s Springfield Quay. The restaurant looks over the River Clyde is beautiful at night time when you are having a romantic meal.  Its only a short walk over the bridge from the City Centre to get to the Quay. There is also free parking which means that you do not have to pay for parking when dining out !!!
There are various dishes to choose from so there is something  for everyone !
The buffet is great value for money with the menu starting at only £11.95 means that you can try different dishes all for the one price which is brilliant for those who like try new dishes.
The restaurant is child friendly offering the buffet menu at a reduced price..... which is perfect for those who are looking for a restaurant that is affordable for a family meal.
The restaurant also offers a takeaway service which means that you can order delicious food and eat it in the comfort of your own home or hotel room!!!
The restaurant itself is beautiful , with the balconies overlooking onto the River Clyde and the City Centre.
The staff are very welcoming and helpful !
For a booking and more information check out their website: http://pandacuisine.co.uk/
The Glasgow E-rating- 8/10

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Jumpin Jaks (Glasgow Nightclub)

If you have never been here you are missing out on a great Glasgow experience. It’s not like your average night out in the Garage or Sugarcube, no no..it is much different to that..
The first time that we went here was for a hen night…we had tables reserved which was great because we got a seat but we also got free entry, which started the night off even better! Many of my friends have still not been here but it was an experience that we will never forget. Some great memories were taken away from this night.

There is a large dance floor which if you are not on at the start of the night you certainly will be by the end! As the drinks were flowing, then it was time to have some fun on the dance floor. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t chart music all night, there were some old classics in there as well (songs & people) but that just added to the great atmosphere.

We didn’t stop laughing all night and still talk about it now! Having a ‘dance off’ with an old man, you really have no hope of winning!
So if you are up for a fun night then we would definitely recommend this, if you don’t take yourself too seriously then you will love it!.

Check it out more; http://jaksglasgow.com/biggest-best-party-venue/
The Glasgow E-rating 7/10

Hillhead Bookclub (Bar)

Not many people have heard about Hillhead Bookclub but when you do you will never forget it. It is located on Vinicombe Street and believe it or not, it’s not a library, it is in fact a bar!
It’s not your usual 21st century modern bar, but it is still full of young people and is somewhere different to try. Many students from Glasgow University are aware of the Bookclub as it is located near their university and many of the students live in the West end of Glasgow so it is easy for them to get to.
They offer cheap drinks; they serve cocktails in gramophones which I think we can safely say is unique to them and you also have the option of eating there too, they serve both lunch or dinner, just whatever you fancy, a good selling point is that all their food is under £10!

If you are a cocktail kind of person then you will be glad to know that they run a cocktail making master class so you can learn to make you own, and that as well is reasonably priced.
They great thing about Hillhead Bookclub is that they are aware that not every student is made of money and so they cater for you and make their food and drink cheap.

Throughout the week there are Dj’s there, and as the night gets on the venue really does begin to get busy. Whereas if you are there throughout the day then you might think that a game of ping pong would be better for you!

If you haven’t already, we would recommend that you give Hillhead Bookclub a try, just for somewhere different and to say that you have experiences there uniqueness.
Glasgow E-rating 8/10

Mother India (Restaurant)

It has been quoted as being the best Indian food in Scotland, and here at the Glasgow Experience we agree that it is one of the best! It is located in the West end of Glasgow and from the success of this restaurant its sister company mother India cafes was established!

Unlike the mother India café, mother India is more of the traditional concept, with an A La Carte menu. They have dishes to suit everyone from the mildest dishes to the hot and spicy ones as they have healthy options, without a doubt everything that is served is to a great standard!

When you taste the food you can taste that it is fresh which makes you enjoy the taste even more
To ensure that you receive a table at the time you want, you can even book a table through their online reservation system which can be more convenient than trying to phone or even go into the restaurant if you are busy. The restaurant is over 3 floors so there is lots of space for you to be situated; a different atmosphere is created on each floor, so there is something to suit everyone!
If you haven’t tried mother India then the Glasgow experience suggest you do if you, it’s super tasty and you won’t regret it!

Check it out more; http://www.motherindiaglasgow.co.uk/index.php?action=cms.westminster
The Glasgow E-rating 8/10

Millennium Hotel

The Millennium Hotel is situated on the iconic George Square which is in the heart of Glasgow. Perfect location for people who haven't visited the city before as it is so close to bars restaurants and nightclubs. The hotel itself is stunning in terms of architecture and design and has everything you could ever want.

As you can see the outside is magnificent and is it just a taster of what it's like inside!
The perfect location also needs the perfect room, which the Millennium do not fail on!


There are many different types of rooms to choose from to suit your needs, each just as gorgeous as the next! There are Standard Rooms, Club Rooms, Studio Suite, Executive Suite and Luxury Suite which is very luxurious! 


Within the hotel there is a restaurant and bars also, so you don't need to stay in the Millennium to enjoy these. The Brasserie on George Square offers some of the finest Scottish foods and there is also an option to book a private dinning experience. This is where you get your own room which is brilliant for any special occasion.

The Millennium also has Georgics Bar and The Millennium Lounge which is perfect setting for a drink with friends or as a couple. There is also great bar food served and coffee served with homemade shortbread... Brilliant!


The Millennium can be enjoyed by everyone and is one of the more popular hotels to stay in Glasgow. For any other enquires or to make a booking for the Millennium Hotel Glasgow head over to the website:


The Hilton Hotel (Accomodation Glasgow)

Now if you are coming to visit Glasgow after all our great reviews you have been reading, have you thought about a place to stay?
Well if you are looking for great service with its 5 star hotel rating then the Hilton in Glasgow is ideal for you. It is in the heart of Glasgow and walking distance to many of the restaurants and bars that we have previously reviewed.

It has got a variety of bedroom suites so if you are travelling on your own or with your family, the Hilton can accommodate you. The have some dining services and bars at the hotel which you should try out as well as all the other great places in and around Glasgow.
There are often big events held in the Hilton as it is well known for its classy reputation so you will often hear of people having their wedding there or even holding a corporate event for businesses.

You are probably thinking that because it is 5 star it will be out of your budget range? It is actually reasonably priced in comparison to similar hotels in the area and it is definitely worth it as it is so easy to travel to different places around the city centre or it is close to public transport if you were looking to explore more of Scotland for a day.

The Glasgow E-rating 10/10

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nice N Sleazy (Bar/Nightclub)

Another great bar in the hustle and bustle of Glasgow is Nice N Sleazy. Located on the busy street of Sauchiehall Street this is the perfect location for a drink with friends. This bar also is a great place to catch some new music! It has resident DJs ripping up the dance floor some nights and other nights there is all sorts of different bands playing so there is something to suit everyone!

The things I myself quite like about this bar is that it offers a unique music vibe. Every wall is covered in vintage posters and has amazing card suit lights. Very different from your usual bar. It also has the epic jukebox with songs ranging from indie to ultimate rock and roll classics. If your a lover of your music then this is a definite hotspot for you!

You can also have your chance to book a gig or a party in Nice N Sleazy as they have a private room downstairs with a fully equipped PA system. If your booking a gig here, Nice N Sleazy don't only provide the space for your gig but they also provide posters and listings sent out to press and through there own mailing list so your guaranteed to create a bit buzz about you or your band!

For any other enquiries head over to:


The Shed (Nightclub)

Looking for somewhere not in the city centre? Then look no further than The Shed! Located in the Southside of Glasgow (which is still very easy to get for all you city centre goers!) is the best club going. It has 2 massive floors, VIP area and has the best prices around... What more can we ask for?

The Shed is open from Friday - Sunday and offer different nights for each. They also offer booths as well which is great for a special occasion and The Shed staff make sure of this! There are 4 booths to choose from and each are accompanied by a bottle of Smirnoff and mixers! Brilliant way to get the night off to a good start!

The Shed also offer a guest list to make sure you are a definite for a great night out! You can also get a chance to get a cheeky wee snap with photographers taking pictures of all the clubbers on the majority of nights... But be careful these cameras can snap anything and everything!! For any other info. or booking enquires head over to: http://www.shedglasgow.com/

citizen M (Hotel/Accomodation)

One of Glasgow's more modern hotels is Citizen M. Located on Renfrew street this is a perfect hotel to stay in for visiting the busy city. The decor is unique and quirky, with the famous funky chairs and trendy rooms. This is a "boutique hotel" and suits everybody from travellers,weekenders and business folk. Each room holds a luxurious xtra large bed, large shower room equipped with the essentials, large TV with free movies and also has mood lighting, brilliant!
citizenM also provides excellent food! CanteenM offers sandwiches, salads, sushi and other warm dishes. There is also breakfast served at citizenM with a choice of hot or continental so suits everybody!
This quirky new hotel is perfect for couples, backpackers and friends. Perfect location and perfect surroundings this is the must stay place in Glasgow. For any other info or for booking enquires go to:

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Horseshoe Bar (Glasgow)

The Glasgow Experience - The Horseshoe Bar - Drury Lane Glasgow

You need not look further for a unique bar layout than ‘The Horseshoe Bar’, located on Drury Street, Glasgow. This iconic bar is the longest in all of Europe (or so they claim), coming in at 104 feet and 3 inches. The classic Victorian design situated slap bang in the centre of the pub, takes shape in the form of a horseshoe. The size and shape of the bar, whilst being aesthetically pleasing on the eye, makes the bar accessible from any area of the bar’s sitting areas. This is a great feature of the pub on a busy night, where, unlike traditional ‘flat’ bars, queues build up and getting away from the bar without spilling your drink is, as we all know, one of the most difficult things to do!
The staff are known for being kind and helpful. They really know their stuff! Ask them for a recommendation of one of the many Scottish beers available, you won’t be disappointed!
The drink selection on offer is far from small;
“From smooth Australians to fruity French numbers, our cellar is amply stocked with palate-pleasing wines (by the glass and bottle) - and at prices not to be sniffed at. If you're more of a cask-ale connoisseur, you can be assured that every one of our great British brews is given the love and attention you'd expect from a Cask Marque accredited pub in Glasgow.”
(The Horseshoe Bar)

On to the food. The Horseshoe offers great pub grub at reasonable prices! We recommend the burgers, perfect accompaniment to a freshly poured lager! Theres always a deal to go with meals, so no doubt you will find something worthwhile! Every day is “Burger & A Drink” day! For just £6.29 you can get a delicious burger and a pint! Try the ‘Grill Night’ on a Wednesday! “Choose your favourite from steak, chicken or gammon cooked to perfection”. SUNDAY, take note of this! £5.49 for a ROAST and a drink, something!
“Some of our dishes offer a tempting twist on the traditional. Take our trio of mini pies, for instance, perfect with your favourite tipple and a few pals. While others are just darned tempting, like our 8oz gourmet burgers, made from prime Scottish beef and served with an array of adventurous toppings. Or our juicy ribs, smothered in your choice of sauce.”
(The Horseshoe Bar)
Overall, we have a great looking pub with great drink and grub! What more can you ask for?
 Check out there full drink and food menus on their website: http://www.thehorseshoebarglasgow.co.uk/

Glasgow E Rating 8/10

Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Thank You to Our Reader's!

This is just a short entry to thank all our reader’s and follower’s and welcome the new! Thank you all for your support and input into The Glasgow Experience. The Glasgow “Experience” itself is created by Glaswegians, the locals make Glasgow the place it is, a great lively city! We know we have readers from all over the world, so welcome and again thank you for visiting, and make sure you get to Glasgow, one of the friendliest places to be!

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The Glasgow Experience Team (Grant, Nicola, Bethany & Suzie)

Tony Roma’s Restaurant (Glasgow)

The Glasgow Experience- Tony Roma's

Tony Roma’s Restaurant is located in the Glasgow’s Xscape (Across from Braehead Shopping Centre). 
The American restaurant is famous for its steaks, ribs and seafood.
With the restaurant located in the Glasgow Xscape it is easy to access with the shopping centre being only across from it.
So it is ideal for a lunch after a hard days shopping in the Braehaed Shopping centre.
Tony Roma’s has many different dishes to offer from a big tasty steak to a rack of ribs there is something to suit anyone’s taste buds !!
Another reason to visit Tony Roma’s is that the restaurant also offer a lunch menu which is cheaper a 3 course meal for only £12.95 which is a bargain !!!!
Tony Roma’s is perfect for a family night out , the restaurant have an amazing deal for kids with kids eating FREE !!! when a main meal is bought from the main menu !! This deal is great value for money , so you can afford to treat the kids to a nice meal out .....
The final thing that makes this American restaurant stand out from the rest is that Tony Roma’s have a all you can eat rib deal , this is rib lover’s dream. They call it the Endless Slab Monday for a reason........ its only £19.95 and you can eat as much ribs as you want !!!.
For more information check out their website :http://www.tonyromas.co.uk/
Glasgow E-rating-8/10

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pizza Express Restaurant (Glasgow)

The Glasgow Experience-Pizza Express Restaurant
Pizza Express restaurant has locations in Glasgow’s City Centre including Glasgow’s Queen Street and Sauchiehall Street.
This restaurant is a pizza lovers paradise!!!
The restaurant is fanatic about pizza making your pizzas delicious !!!
There are various dishes that Pizza Express offer including their new Calzone Salami e Salsiccia
The restaurant are beautiful inside , stunning decor making your dining experience special
If your having a party you can book at the pizza express which means that you can get to pick from the set menu at a great price too !!!
With Pizza Express having great central locations the restaurant is ideal for any occasion whether that be a catch up lunch with friends or a romantic meal for 2 !!!
To add to it Pizza Express also offer to visit schools to teach them skills on how to cook , which is fantastic as it is free !!! great for kids to learn essential skills when they are young and is even better that this restaurant offers their visits to local schools !!!
You can also choose to order a takeaway meal from Pizza Express if you’re having friends over to your own flat extra , just means you can have delicious food in the comfort of your own home!!!
For more information and a booking check out their page : http://www.pizzaexpress.com/
Glasgow E-rating-8/10