Saturday, 9 March 2013

Tingle (Shooter Bar Glasgow)

The Glasgow Experience - Tingle - Shooter Bar Glasgow

The best place to start off your night is the best shooter bar in Glasgow, Tingle!! Located on Mitchell Street this is the perfect spot to get your night off to a superb start. The reason as to why it is such a good place to start off with is that they offer free entry to clubs (usually during the week) so even more reason why to go! 
The bar offers not only cheap and cheerful drinks, but they also do the most amazing shots! Some must be carefully chosen however as some of these can cause feelings of dizziness confidence and loudness aka DRUNKNESS! (Especially the Mad Scientist!!)
The Glasgow Experience - Tingle - Shooter Bar Glasgow

As you can see they have some wacky and weird shots, the braver you are the better! But don't worry if your not into the hard stuff the nice sounding ones actually are very nice!

It also provides resident DJ's most nights and serves food during the day. The food is great and has a wee bit of everything so Tingle can be enjoyed just as much during the day as well at night!


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