Monday, 11 March 2013

Nico's Bar (Glasgow Bar)

The Glasgow Experience - Nico's Bar - Glasgow Bar

Nico’s, situated on Sauchiehall St across from the Garage is a great place to head for drink! Nico's offers cheap pints, live sport, promos and one heck of a cocktail list. Good music played throughout this ‘smallish’ venue creates a great atmosphere and vibe to be in! There are plenty of places to sit with a HUGE bar so none of this elbow bashing and punch ups that you’ll get in other venues!
The Glasgow Experience - Nico's Bar - Glasgow Bar
 The TV’s on view offer sport for you and your mates to sit and watch while having a good laugh, especially if your mates get you to down a certain drink on show by Nico’s!

This isn’t just your run of the mill shot or ‘vodka mix’ that you can find anywhere, this is a concoction of some of the more lethal spirits that you could possibly put together, IN THE ONE DRINK! The drink consists of a mixture of Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, blue curacuo liquer and lemonade, and for just £4 is super cheap and obviously hits the spot for that ‘night out!’. You are only allowed 3 (recommended rather, Nico’s won’t stop you from having a good time!) in any one visit at Nico’s and is fittingly called, wait for it, the ‘Adios M*therf*cker’. Word of advice, don’t let your mates pressure you in to downing it in under 5 seconds, because you might struggle to stand after it! :/
The Glasgow Experience - Nico's Bar - Glasgow Bar
Adios M*therF*cker!
All in all, Nico’s is a cool relaxed venue with quick serving and friendly staff and available good drink. Get yourself down to Nico’s and have a M*therf*cker on us! (Not literally, but get one for yourself!)  

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“Based in the heart of Sauchiehall Street, Nico's is a traditional Glasgow institution. Through the years it has changed it's exterior but not it's dedication to it's customers. Nico's offers brilliant drink promotions, great music and sport and has the best bar staff in the city. If you're looking for a delicious cocktail with the girls or a pint with the lads Nico's is definately the place to be.”

Glasgow E-Rating 8/10

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