Tuesday, 12 March 2013

T.G.I Fridays (Glasgow Restaurant)

The Glasgow Experience - TGI Fridays - Restaurant Glasgow

With restaurants all over the UK it is definitely well known and most of you will have most likely visited one of them, it’s an American themed diner, you think you’ve guessed where we are talking about? Yes that’s right TGI Fridays! Speaking from experience we’ll be talking about the Glasgow restaurants as that’s where we’ve eaten!
The one that we have visited most often is located on the corner of Buchanan Street and Gordon Street. When you go in you instantly have a warm welcome with all the staff happy and there to help you, it doesn’t seem as if it is an effort if you have a question/query to ask.
The waiters/waitresses take you to your seat, which as you can imagine the seats fit in with the American style so they are very comfy! Every visit that I have made to TGI Fridays wither there has been 2 or 10 of us the staff have not used a notebook to write down our order and every time they have got it right, you really cannot flaw them.
The portion sizes are great and you will be guaranteed to be full after your meal, they have a variety of different foods to offer from the jack Daniels sesame chicken strips to the Ribeye steak, so it is something to suit everyone.

The Glasgow Experience - TGI Fridays - Restaurant Glasgow

The other great thing about the restaurant is that they have got a great selection of cocktails. They even have a section on their website where you can choose your tasting preferences and in 3 simple steps they suggest a cocktail that you may like to try, its great- you should really check it out and see what cocktail you should try next!
The Glasgow Experience - TGI Fridays - Restaurant Glasgow

Sadly the TGI’s on Buchanan Street is currently closed for refurbishment, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait with big and better things to come. It opens back on the 27th of March so your nearest TGI’s will be at Braehead (that is of course if you are central to Glasgow).

Check it out for more info; www.tgifridays.co.uk/glasgow
Glasgow E-rating 8/10

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