Saturday, 9 March 2013

Walkabout (Bar Glasgow)

The Glasgow Experience - Walkabout - Glasgow bar
Ever just wanted to find a place that you can go for a casual drink and bite to eat? Well you can stop worrying because Walkabout on Renfield street is just that place!

Walkabout states that it is the home of the awesome spirit of Australia and it does not lie as  the food menu is Australian themed and you even have a few Australians working there who are always there to help and give a friendly service.
The Glasgow Experience - Walkabout - Glasgow bar

One of the big selling points of Walkabout to many people is the student discount that you get, you know yourself that when you are a student you are always looking for a good deal and if you are getting something to eat I would highly recommend the chicken schnitzel burger and if you feel that you still have some room the chunky choc fudge cake and ice cream will finish it off just nicely,

The bar really does attract a variety of different people into it, Walkabout is in fact the official student union for Caledonian university but it is also well known for showing football games on their big screen, every is welcome (of course if your over 18).So you don’t look out of place if you just pop in after uni, with its laid back atmosphere, nobody judges you what you look like.
The Glasgow Experience - Walkabout - Glasgow bar

But as the night goes on and the party animals come out and the music is turned up, so you begin to see people a little more dressy and this is great as it creates a great party vibe. If you know that you have got a night out planned you can  book a booth in advance, I mean isn’t it great to think that your walking into a really busy bar and you are guaranteed a seat? Which is certainly not guaranteed on a Friday Saturday night?

Glasgow E-rating 8/10

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