Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Hilton Hotel (Accomodation Glasgow)

Now if you are coming to visit Glasgow after all our great reviews you have been reading, have you thought about a place to stay?
Well if you are looking for great service with its 5 star hotel rating then the Hilton in Glasgow is ideal for you. It is in the heart of Glasgow and walking distance to many of the restaurants and bars that we have previously reviewed.

It has got a variety of bedroom suites so if you are travelling on your own or with your family, the Hilton can accommodate you. The have some dining services and bars at the hotel which you should try out as well as all the other great places in and around Glasgow.
There are often big events held in the Hilton as it is well known for its classy reputation so you will often hear of people having their wedding there or even holding a corporate event for businesses.

You are probably thinking that because it is 5 star it will be out of your budget range? It is actually reasonably priced in comparison to similar hotels in the area and it is definitely worth it as it is so easy to travel to different places around the city centre or it is close to public transport if you were looking to explore more of Scotland for a day.

The Glasgow E-rating 10/10

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