Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nice N Sleazy (Bar/Nightclub)

Another great bar in the hustle and bustle of Glasgow is Nice N Sleazy. Located on the busy street of Sauchiehall Street this is the perfect location for a drink with friends. This bar also is a great place to catch some new music! It has resident DJs ripping up the dance floor some nights and other nights there is all sorts of different bands playing so there is something to suit everyone!

The things I myself quite like about this bar is that it offers a unique music vibe. Every wall is covered in vintage posters and has amazing card suit lights. Very different from your usual bar. It also has the epic jukebox with songs ranging from indie to ultimate rock and roll classics. If your a lover of your music then this is a definite hotspot for you!

You can also have your chance to book a gig or a party in Nice N Sleazy as they have a private room downstairs with a fully equipped PA system. If your booking a gig here, Nice N Sleazy don't only provide the space for your gig but they also provide posters and listings sent out to press and through there own mailing list so your guaranteed to create a bit buzz about you or your band!

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