Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hillhead Bookclub (Bar)

Not many people have heard about Hillhead Bookclub but when you do you will never forget it. It is located on Vinicombe Street and believe it or not, it’s not a library, it is in fact a bar!
It’s not your usual 21st century modern bar, but it is still full of young people and is somewhere different to try. Many students from Glasgow University are aware of the Bookclub as it is located near their university and many of the students live in the West end of Glasgow so it is easy for them to get to.
They offer cheap drinks; they serve cocktails in gramophones which I think we can safely say is unique to them and you also have the option of eating there too, they serve both lunch or dinner, just whatever you fancy, a good selling point is that all their food is under £10!

If you are a cocktail kind of person then you will be glad to know that they run a cocktail making master class so you can learn to make you own, and that as well is reasonably priced.
They great thing about Hillhead Bookclub is that they are aware that not every student is made of money and so they cater for you and make their food and drink cheap.

Throughout the week there are Dj’s there, and as the night gets on the venue really does begin to get busy. Whereas if you are there throughout the day then you might think that a game of ping pong would be better for you!

If you haven’t already, we would recommend that you give Hillhead Bookclub a try, just for somewhere different and to say that you have experiences there uniqueness.
Glasgow E-rating 8/10

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