Thursday, 18 April 2013

Mother India (Restaurant)

It has been quoted as being the best Indian food in Scotland, and here at the Glasgow Experience we agree that it is one of the best! It is located in the West end of Glasgow and from the success of this restaurant its sister company mother India cafes was established!

Unlike the mother India café, mother India is more of the traditional concept, with an A La Carte menu. They have dishes to suit everyone from the mildest dishes to the hot and spicy ones as they have healthy options, without a doubt everything that is served is to a great standard!

When you taste the food you can taste that it is fresh which makes you enjoy the taste even more
To ensure that you receive a table at the time you want, you can even book a table through their online reservation system which can be more convenient than trying to phone or even go into the restaurant if you are busy. The restaurant is over 3 floors so there is lots of space for you to be situated; a different atmosphere is created on each floor, so there is something to suit everyone!
If you haven’t tried mother India then the Glasgow experience suggest you do if you, it’s super tasty and you won’t regret it!

Check it out more;
The Glasgow E-rating 8/10

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