Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Thank You to Our Reader's!

This is just a short entry to thank all our reader’s and follower’s and welcome the new! Thank you all for your support and input into The Glasgow Experience. The Glasgow “Experience” itself is created by Glaswegians, the locals make Glasgow the place it is, a great lively city! We know we have readers from all over the world, so welcome and again thank you for visiting, and make sure you get to Glasgow, one of the friendliest places to be!

The Glasgow Experience team have been working hard to keep you updated with Glasgow’s best destinations; we have brought you restaurants, clubs, bars and more! We hope you enjoy our posts; we do it for you after all! Glasgow E posts and reviews come from personal and ‘SHARED’ experiences, so please, don’t hesitate to share your experiences of Glasgow with us, we may even post it up for you! (If you want that is!)

To get involved, you can simply post comments below, or if you want speak to us through our social media profiles you can!

Twitter (@TheGlasgowExper) we follow all followers back ;)

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We will reply as soon as we can! Again, do not hesitate to contact us and get involved! Why not?


Feedback? We‘ve had a lot of feedback from our readers, and through such have modified and promoted areas of the blog, we want to make the site as ‘user-friendly’ as possible for you!


Direct followers of the blog we thank you also! If you want to keep up-to-date with our posts, then why not join the list? Follow the blog directly from the top right of the page.


Thank you for reading this post, and again for your support.





Thank You



The Glasgow Experience Team (Grant, Nicola, Bethany & Suzie)

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