Saturday, 30 March 2013

Ketchup (Glasgow Restaurant)

So if you are a great fan of burgers then Ketchup on Ashton lane (West End of Glasgow) is the place for you to be! It offers a variety of great burgers; in fact it is the great same ones that you have tasted in hummingbird in Glasgow city centre

If you are a student then It is ideal for students as ketchup offer 2for 1 burgers with your student card from Monday- Thursday.

Now you are probably thinking that burgers are unhealthy but Ketchup burgers are fresh and health and have no colourants, additives or artificial flavouring, so really they are perfect for you to try!

If you love burgers and haven’t been to ketchup before, then this is one to try! And you can get some lush chicken strips as a side whilst you’re waiting. They even have a few suggestions in the mains sections if you don’t fancy a burger.
They also have their own ‘ketchup sauce’ which you can use on your burgers and if you love it you can even buy a bottle from them to take home and use.
Ketchup on Ashton lane is very chilled out and relaxing and is just great for a bite to eat, once you’ve tried it once, you’ll just keep on going back!
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GlasgowE-rating 8/10

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