Thursday, 21 March 2013

Vodka Revolution (Glasgow Bar)

The Glasgow Experience - Vodka Revolution (Glasgow Bar)

One of the best bars to meet before a night out in Glasgow is Vodka Revolution. Located on Renfeild Street, this bar is located near all the big and best night clubs that Glasgow has to offer. Not only is the location good but the mix of cocktails and drinks are amazing!

The Glasgow Experience - Vodka Revolution (Glasgow Bar)

One thing that vodka revoultion do reguarly is provide specials. The most recent one is saintly or sinful cocktails. Saintly is ones for the people who are watching what they eat but still got that kick and sinful is for those who are splashing out and going for the full thing! Take a look at the list they have on offer on their website:

Vodka revoultion also has a food menu which is on everyday! They have everything from small plates for a quick bite to sharing platters you and friends can dive into! They also do "Mega Mondays" which is 50% off all food! Brilliant for that hour lunch in work or uni.

The Glasgow Experience - Vodka Revolution (Glasgow Bar)

You can also book a private party which is great for all occasions. You can choose your own food and cocktails too!


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