Friday, 29 March 2013

A Typical Students Night Out in Glasgow (FEATURED ARTICLE)

So everybody always goes out and has a ’few drinks’, traditionally you would go out on a Friday or Saturday night, but now every weekday is just as good as the weekend, most bars and clubs have got a least one promotional night midweek and then the weekend is just guaranteed to be a great night where ever you end up but the question is


So most people (especially if you are a student) pre-drink before they go out, because they are living a typical students life, they can adapt their ways and some people can go out and have a great night on £20, on the other hand there are some people who go out and after they have a few drinks they think they are made of money and begin offering everybody a drink..(And of course it’s rude to decline the generous offer). They obviously wake up in the morning trying to piece together the bits of the night that they can remember and regret spending so much money.

But let’s face it who would have it any other way …if you go out and enjoy yourself does it really matter that your ‘wasting your money’ on drink, definitely not!

Students seem to be living with the ‘YOLO’ approach (you only live once). So they will go out and have fun, and it doesn’t matter that they are getting in a 4 o’clock in the morning and have a 9am lecture, sometimes they make it, sometimes they don’t (you can spot them a mile away walking into the lecture with their hair scraped back and most likely their false eyelashes still on from the night before) .It could be worse than a lecture they could be working the next day where they have to act professional in front of management but in the back  of their head all they are thinking about is all the funny things they can remember or the thought that when their shift finishes the first thing that they will do is crawl back into bed!

So back to the question asked earlier, is all the drinking really worth it?  …of course it is, a student’s life wouldn’t be the same without it!


  1. To paraphrase Kingsley Amis, the drinking is ALWAYS worth it!!!

    I want to come to Glasgow BADLY. My kind of town...


    1. Glasgow is thee place to be! You won't be disappointed.

      Glasgow E


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