Saturday, 23 March 2013

Waxy O’Connor’s (Glasgow Bar/ Restaurant)

The Glasgow Experience - Waxy O'Connors - Irish Bar Glasgow

It wasn’t until recently when I went to waxy O’Connor’s on George Street that I realised how amazing it truly is.

It has got 3 floors and 6 bars so you can imagine you would get lost but the great thing is that there will always be a place for you to sit. It is styled to be ‘traditionally Irish’ with their décor and overall atmosphere.
The Glasgow Experience - Waxy O'Connors - Irish Bar Glasgow

When we were looking for our table that we had reserved we saw that there was some live music and also there were rooms that had been hired out for private functions.
The Glasgow Experience - Waxy O'Connors - Irish Bar Glasgow

When we got our table, the service was great, and even though it was busy we were seated away from the noise so it meant that we could hear each other talk and have a great conversation. We also were able to use our ‘taste card’ which entitled us money off our already cheap food bill. They serve food until 8.45 every day and also include breakfast on a Saturday and Sunday. So you can even get some good quality food if you are looking for a late dinner.

People were mostly people there for a drink after work and it was a very chilled out, relaxing atmosphere. Nobody was too under/overdressed. Waxy’s also have multiple big screens throughout the bars and so they show all major sporting events.  It is also a great place to go if you’re going for a quick pint before you are catching the train home as it is right next to Glasgow Queen Street station.

Glasgow E-rating 7/10

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