Friday, 5 April 2013

Sub Club (Nightclub)

If great music is your thing then Sub Club is your thing too! This club hosts a number of nights providing you clubbers with the best DJs around. They have local resident DJ's who have been playing faithfully to the club for many years and always gauranteed to play the best music in town, however this epic club brings about many DJ's and producers from all over the world.  Sub Club has also had the privelage of being voted 10th best club in the world by so be prepared for one of the best nights you'll have in Glasgow!

Sub Club is generally opened every weekend and one or two nights during the week with world class DJs. It also provides podcasts which you can locate on their website: which is great for blasting before heading out! Also gives you a taste of the music that get's played here. Sub Club is located on 22 Jamica street which is very easy to get to as it is quite central! It's also underground which gives a better atmosphere of the wonders of the underground clubs!

If you are intrested in hiring for live music, product promotion or any other type of special event then Sub Club is the place for you! It offers a huge space for 400 people in the basement and has two bars to choose from. It also has one of the best sound systems in all of Glasgow's culbs so brilliant if your wanting to showcase some new talent!

For any more info or to hire out Sub Club head over to the website :


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