Monday, 11 March 2013

Bar Square (Glasgow Bar/Restaurant)

The Glasgow Experience - Bar Square - Glasgow Bar

If you are looking for a stylish, classy venue that you are guaranteed a good night in, have you tried Bar square?

It is situated in Merchant Square so you have the option of sitting inside and absorbing the atmosphere in the bar or they have also seating in the courtyard looking out into the square so you can get a feeling of the whole square. The square occasionally has events and performances on so you can sit and watch them whilst having a relaxing drink.
The food that is served is brilliant and with the great service that you receive it just makes you wanting to go back. But if it’s not food that you are looking for then going for drinks is also idea. If there is a group of you I would recommend a pitcher of cocktails as they are great value for money and it also means fewer trips to the bar!
The Glasgow Experience - Bar Square - Glasgow Bar

The atmosphere that is created  is great and the all the staff help to pull off the overall vibe of a relaxing bar. It is definitely a bar to recommend to your friends and it is great for every occasion.
Check it out here;
GlasgowE-rating 9/10

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