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Gala Casino (Glasgow Casino)

The Glasgow Experience - Gala Casino, Merchant City - CASINO

Gala Casino, Glassford Street, Merchant City, Glasgow.
The Glasgow Experience - Gala Casino, Merchant City - CASINO

We thought we would try something a little bit different to our usual restaurant/club reviews, so we said what the heck, CASINO! Gala Casinos are just one of the few casino groups to populate Glasgow, but they have 3 casinos under their wing in Glasgow! One at the riverboat down by Glasgow Central station, Princes, Sauchiehall street and the other in the Merchant city, the one we focus on today.

“I’ve never been in a casino before,” well don’t panic, the casino is relaxed and not how you ma have pictured. The entrance is smart and professional like, as you would expect with a casino, but the staff are friendly and know what they are doing, I mean, try watching all the chips on a roulette board and having to calculate and remember how much chips a customer has to get! Scary!
The Glasgow Experience - Gala Casino, Merchant City - CASINO

The casino has a large bar downstairs where the main action takes place (the roulette, blackjack tables etc), there is even a specified Poker ROOM, out of the way from the busy loud tables. With buy-ins of around £100 per table, you can enjoy a game of poker for a reasonable price (for a poker game at a casino that is!). The drinks can be as generic or creative as you like, with bottled ciders and beer, up to fancy cocktails and drinks prepared by the bar tenders.
(Restaurant, Merchant Grill)
The casino believe it or not, is not just about gambling! You can even grab some grub from the restaurant area (Merhchant grill), great food at a surprisingly cheap price! Massive monitors allow you to watch sports such as the UFC, with the casino open late, you can sit back and watch the fight with your mates!
There is even a dance floor area upstairs!

Obviously we are recommending you try this place out, but bet responsibly and drink responsibly when there! Treat it as a casual night with some friends having good fun, we wouldn’t suggest going crazy and slapping your car keys on the table as your stake!

But, in all seriousness, try it out, don’t be put off by the ‘fear of the casino’ or any stigma and stereotypes you hear about the place!

Want to know more? Check out Gala Casino website:

Glasgow E-Rating 8/10

The Glasgow Experience

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