Sunday, 17 March 2013

Viper (Glasgow Nightclub, Glasgow West End)

The Glasgow Experience- Viper - Glasgow Nightclub

Viper is a club situated in the west end of Glasgow and it is a student’s place to be!

Monday night is definitely Viper night, that is when you will find everybody there but they are also open Wednesday – Saturday and it is cheap drinks on all these days!

Because it is not in the city centre then it cannot stay open as late as the other Glasgow clubs, so they shut at 2am but you can make up for it by just going earlier as they are open a t 9pm.

It is constantly busy but that will be because the great music that they provide such as RNB, Hip hop and house- Something to suit everyone.
The Glasgow Experience- Viper - Glasgow Nightclub

Viper is definitely targeted at students, isn’t it great when you are there you are socialising with people your own age and not the golden oldies?

There are some special occasions where they stay open until 3, but i am guessing that you already knew that though if you were there celebrating St Patricks day at the weekend?
The Glasgow Experience- Viper - Glasgow Nightclub

There are booths that you can book and with some great package deals.

You can check out more at:

Glasgow E-rating 8/10

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