Sunday, 17 March 2013

Di Maggio's (Glasgow Restaurant)

The Glasgow Experience - Di Maggio's - Glasgow Restaurant

It is a classic Italian restaurant and there are restaurants all around the city but my favourite would be the one in Royal Exchange Square. Di Maggio’s start to cater for a ‘basic food eater’ to an ‘adventurous food lover’- there really is something for everyone. Wither it is for lunch or dinner every time I go I receive the best service and there are always lots of staff working so you never have long to wait for your meal either and they are all very friendly and polite. As you can expect on the weekend it gets busy so I would recommend booking a table but if you haven’t then it is never a long wait to be seated as it is a large restaurant on two floors.
The Glasgow Experience - Di Maggio's - Glasgow Restaurant

Every time I go I have to get one of their delicious pizzas but if pizza isn’t for you then don’t worry as they have got all the other classic Italian dishes including a variety of pasta dishes.

Di Maggio’s can cater for large or small groups of people; they have got booths at the sides of the restaurant and then standard tables within the middle so they can move tables around to cater for larger parties. And speaking from experience even when you are with a large group of people the service you receive is still first class.
The Glasgow Experience - Di Maggio's - Glasgow Restaurant

So if you have never been go and give it a try, it is family friendly and the kids can even get some crayons to colour in with.  I can ensure you that you will not be disappointed and it could even turn into one of the best restaurants you have ever been!

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Glasgow E-rating 9/10

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