Saturday, 9 March 2013

Firewater (Glasgow Club/Bar)

The Glasgow experience - Firewater - Glasgow Bar / Club

As you get down the spiral stair case in your heels you are welcomed by a darkened area and candlelit tables, Firewater creates a great atmosphere. It doesn’t cater for one particular ‘style’ of person so if you are out with a group who all like ‘different things’ then this is your place.
Firewater is great as it accommodates for all different groups of people, wither it is for a date or a group of people out for a birthday night, the seating is available for you. And as with most bars reserving tables is the best option as the later it gets in the night the busier it becomes. There is also a function room that you can hire, so you can have all your closet friends/family in one place for your special occasion.
One thing that Firewater is well known for is on a Wednesday night they provide live music to keep everybody entertained but if that is not your scene then every other night of the week has got a Dj to play the music.
The later you arrive into the bar, you then need to pay an entry fee but it all works out with the drinks that are great value for money and are definitely one of the cheapest within the area.
Looking for a great night, great vibe & great company then Firewater is for you!
Glasgow E-rating7/10

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