Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Garage (Glasgow Nightclub)

The Glasgow Experience - The Garage - Nightclub Glasgow

You all know what time it is!? Was only a matter of time until we covered this mammoth of the Glasgow scene!

The Garage is probably the most renound and most popular nightclub destination in Glasgow. Situated on the nightlife ‘strip’ of Sauchiehall street your always guaranteed a good night here!

The Garage is always packed out which creates a great lively atmosphere. The Garage plays “Indie and Alternative Rock to R’n’B, Chart, Pop, US Billboard toppers and the Ultimate Guitar music split over 5 incredible rooms” , so there really is something for everyone somewhere in the club! Drink promos throughout the night will keep you going, so you know its going to be a messy night! (Messy ones are always the best!)
The Glasgow Experience - The Garage - Nightclub Glasgow

Now, a topic that always puts the garage down is ‘bouncer’ chat. Think of it in this way though, these guys have to deal with YOUR drunken antics EVERY night! Think of your drunken self, we bet you’re a handful!? What would you do? So don’t give them as hard a time, these guys are just doing their job! Who wants the ‘steamer of the year’ bumping into them inside the club all night anyway?
The Glasgow Experience - The Garage - Nightclub Glasgow

Back on topic, the clientel are generally student based but you will get a good mix of people up for a good time! The garage really is a trademark iconic venue in Glasgow, so, if you’re visiting form a far GET DOWN and experience Glasgow at its peak! If you are a local and have never been before, what are you doing!? Get down to the Garage now!

Glagsow E-Rating 8/10

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