Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hummingbird (Nightclub/Bar/Kitchen Glasgow)

The Glasgow Experience - Hummingbird - Bar Club Glasgow

If it is a stylish, classy and laid back atmosphere you are looking for, then hummingbird is the place to be, located on Bath Street its right in the heart of Glasgow!

The Glasgow Experience - Hummingbird - Bar Club Glasgow

It is predominantly known for its sophisticated cocktails, and from Sunday- Wednesday they have a selection of cocktails which they offer half price! Wow!  It's a great place to go after work or for a general catch up with friends.

However party animals, dont panic! If you're looking for more of a party scene then they have the facilities to cater for your needs with different party pods that you can book out. The rooms differ in size can hold between 10- 40 people.

You have the choice of the glitter room, the posh room (that can be used for business meetings), the studio and the mezzanine which overlooks onto the main bar downstairs. Many of the rooms have karaoke and an iPod dock so you can enjoy your own music. The best part of it is that in all the rooms there is a buzzer linked to the bar!

The rooms are free to hire from Sunday- Thursday and you can simply do this online, enquire by phoning or simply pop in and see them.
The Glasgow Experience - Hummingbird - Bar Club Glasgow

 glitter room - ideal for a girls night out!

Hummingbird also serves food and they specialise with gourmet burgers; from Sunday- Friday these are 2 for 1 which is a great deal.

Overall, go to hummingbird, have a bite to eat and chill with a cocktail all for a reasonable price or you can have a party, go wild  and still enjoy yourself as the  night will not  be breaking the bank.

Glasgow E-rating 9/10

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