Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Grand Central Hotel (Glasgow Restaurant/Bar)

The Glasgow Experience - Grand Central Hotel - Glasgow Restaurant Bar

One of the recently renovated hotels in Glasgow is the magnificent Grand Central Hotel. Situated right in the heart of Glasgow next to central station, this gorgeous hotel provides you with everything …

Having a luxury champagne bar (pictured above) to beautiful function rooms and exquisite rooms to stay. (Below)
As you can see, the champagne bar is where the attention is at it in the hotel. The beautiful (and rather big and expensive looking!) chandelier is the main reason behind this. It sets off the place magnificently and makes you feel rather classy, even if you come from the west of Scotland! And of course we cannot forget the important part… the alcohol. They provide every cocktail ever known and have a wide range of champagnes. The only one I knew was obviously the good old Presseco, however for all you fancy champagne lovers out there this is a must visit in Glasgow.

This is a great stay for people who are new to the city due to its great location and has a lot to offer. However it is a brilliant place to just even go and have amazing cocktails and of course some champagne in the champagne bar. With very friendly staff and a glamorous atmosphere this beautiful hotel deserves a GLASGOW-E RATING of 10/10 full marks for this hotspot!

If you are interested in booking a room/function event have a look at their website:

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